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                句型1 主系表结构(连系动词be, turn, get, become, go, remain, stay, keep, smell, taste, look, sound, appear, seem等)


                1.Iron feels cold in winter.

                2. This idea sounds good.

                3. He looks young.


                1 这些天天々气凉快。

                2 房前的花很香。

                3 这种苹果味道好。

                答案:1.The weather remains cool these days.

                2.The flowers in front of the house smell nice.

                3. This kind of apple tastes good.


                句型2 主谓结☉构和主谓宾结构


                1. My father worked in Beijing last year.

                2 They will plant 3000 trees next year.

                3 The teacher gave me an interesting book yesterday.


                1 太阳从东方升起从西方落下。

                2 十年前他生活在美国。

                3 年轻人喜欢听流行音乐。

                4 下个月我们将去看望那些老人。

                5 上周那个著名歌手给就是你我们唱了许多歌曲。

                6 他说他不能把照片给我看。

                7 我妈妈上个月利用仙石建立通道给我买了台电脑。


                1. the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

                2. he lived in America ten years ago.

                3. Young people enjoy listening to pop music.

                4. we will visit the old people next month.

                5. This famous singer sang us a lot of songs last weekend.

                6.He said he couldn’t show the photo to me/show me the picture.

                7.My mother bought me a computer last month.




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